segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

a kind of a thing

Dave – I just think we should be together. You’re single, I’m single.  You’ll be the GFE (Girl Friend Experience) and I’ll be the BFE (Boy Friend experience). Just until we find someone.
Capri – What?! GFE?! Are you serious?!
Dave – Come on…we don’t have to be lonely. Or we can do it together.
Capri – Still on the GFE!
Dave – It’s the acronym that’s used to hire hookers, if you want the girlfriend experience, or other. Not that you’re a hooker. That’s not what I meant.
Capri – Oh my God…you’re not getting better. I don’t know if I’m enjoying where this is going.
Dave – We’re friends, we enjoy each other…what problems there can be?
Capri – Hookers?!
Dave – You’re not…of course. I just thought It could be easier to explain.
Capri – Oh I’m sure it was…clear as water! Anyway…I don’t care what you call me. In the end, that’s a good idea. How should we start the “experience”?
Dave – Maybe you could pass at my place tonight.
Capri – Let’s have the all experience. First you need to ask me out on a date. Then you’ll ask me to be your GFE and I’ll say yes.
Dave – So after that we’ll go to my place?
Capri – Will you pay me? Ahahah. We’ll see what happens.
---------------------- (After 9 weeks) -------------------------
Dave – We need to talk. Something happened.
Capri – What? Can’t you leave for the weekend? I already reserved the hotel for us.
Dave – I met someone.
Capri – Who did you meet?
Dave – It’s a girl. I met the other day.
Capri – The other day? Other day when? And what happened? Why are you only telling me now?
Dave – I met her a few days ago. I was at the coffee shop and there was she. We’ve been meeting there every day and now she invited me to go out. And I don’t want to say no. I really want to go out with her.
Capri – Are you in love with her?
Dave – I don’t know. Nothing really happened. I just know I like her and she’s into me. Don’t want to lose this opportunity.
Capri – What do you want me to do?
Dave – You remember…this was only until we find someone! I think this is the time. I’m sorry.
Capri – You don’t have to say sorry…you’re right. You should go out with her. We’re just friends.
Dave – So is that ok with you?
Capri – Yeah….sure! Why wouldn’t be?
Dave – Nice. Thank you. I’ll see you later. Bye.
---------------------- (After 4 weeks) -------------------------
Dave – Hey…come on in! I haven’t seen you for a while. How are you?
Capri – Is she here?
Dave – No, she left to buy breakfast. You should have it with us and you’ll know her. You’ll like her.
Capri – I want you to leave her. I miss you. I’ve been missing you all these days. I’m always thinking of you. I want you back.
Dave – Come on Capri….what are you saying?!
Capri – It wasn’t easy to make this straight for me and to come here. I love you!
Dave – As a friend?
Capri – No, Dave! During our “Experience” I fell in love with you. I haven’t realized it at that time, but I did. I got used to have you that I forgot it was an “experience”. Now I can’t be without you. I need you back in my life. You make me laugh, you made me feel loved. What can I do to bring you back? What does she have that I don’t?
Dave – There’s nothing you can do Capri! And it’s not about what she has that you don’t! This is about the way a feel for her. And I’m really sorry, but I don’t feel the same way for you. I like as a friend.
Capri – Maybe we could try again! We can go on a real date! And take things differently.
Dave – I can’t do that. I don’t want to do that. I’m sorry Capri.
Alexa – Hey…is everything ok Dave?
Dave –’s…
Capri – Yeah…I was just leaving. Goodbye.
Alexa – Who’s she? Was she mad?
Dave – No, I don’t think so. She’s just a friend from university. She came here to ask me about the science project.
Alexa – Oh…ok! So, let’s have breakfast?
Dave – Yeah…what did you got for us?
---------------------- (The end) -------------------------

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